All About ShipCannon

From how ShipCannon started to who's behind CannonWMS, we answer what you need to Light the Fuse.
Why did we start ShipCannon?

We believe that e-commerce should be easy and accessible for everyone.
At ShipCannon, we designed CannonWMS to meet the custom needs of our customers to make that happen.

What exactly is ShipCannon?

ShipCannon was created to make e-commerce easier and more accessible for everyone. CannonWMS powers ShipCannon, and it's our proprietary warehousing management system.

How did ShipCannon get here?

CannonWMS is here to be the next generation of e-commerce fulfillment.
ShipCannon is committed to constantly innovating and improving our platform to meet ever-changing needs.

What to expect with CannonWMS

CannonWMS is powerful inventory tracking software that will help you manage your merchandise and see real results in 30 days.

We can change the way
e-commerce works, with innovative software and the fastest routes to anywhere!


Frequently Asked Questions

ShipCannon is the perfect solution for e-commerce fulfillment and inventory management. ShipCannon is the next generation of e-commerce fulfillment, with CannonWMS at its core.
CannonWMS is a customizable warehouse management system that will streamline your logistics operation and help you grow your business.
The best way to set up your own CannonWMS is to click here. That link will walk you through setting up your account step-by-step. The last part is an email verification. Don't skip it!
Once you've signed up, you are able to completely customize CannonWMS to work for you. Anything from the number of member accounts to the number of ship-from locations.
We saw that logistics was a key part of the online selling process, and we wanted to make it simpler and more efficient. With a customizable warehouse management system you can grow your business and help streamline your logistics operation. ShipCannon is the solution for businesses that want to succeed in e-commerce.

More questions?

If you have more questions that we didn't answer, we would love to answer them!
Here at ShipCannon, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best experience.